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So which is it, then?

2017-04-24, 17:55:15


Modern Twitter

2017-03-14, 18:25:47

‪The realisation that modern twitter is the modern equivalent of the person on the bus who shouts random abuse at random strangers as they walk past. ‬

Things unnoticed

2017-03-03, 18:12:57

‪I've lived in Birmingham for 29 years and never before noticed this clock on the back of the building next to Rackhams. ‬


In group Birmingham

2017-02-28, 09:20:48

Recurve if every time you see a reference to the White House Chief of Staff you think they're talking about the hip-hop / soul artiste Prince Riebus‬.

2017-02-25, 18:30:02

‪This I think has to be one of the laziest pre-packed foods. ‬