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Carry on tweaking

2015-07-09, 08:04:30
Looking forward to seeing how it develops!

Replacement for FB, or for Twitter?

2015-07-09, 07:57:08
Is this meant to replace Facebook in its entirety, or Twitter? I have never used Twitter and don't quite understand the logistics of it.

And other little things?

2015-07-09, 07:56:10
Like, for example, sharing photos?

Responding to posts

2015-07-09, 07:49:25
For example, how do I respond to somebody else's post, should I wish to?

What is the Perfect Curve?

2015-07-09, 07:48:36
I found out about this project through simon's response to a post I made on Facebook about being fed up with Facebook. I am still not sure how this works though, but I suppose I will learn!