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simon gray 2016-03-18, 14:46:59

An SDS hammer drill is definitely the tool of choice for drilling into a wall. Srsly, every home should have one. 


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A web strategy for local government

simon gray 2016-03-11, 13:38:00

"There will come a time soon when for some councils there won't be a council website any more - the website will be the council" - Tom Steinberg, founder, MySociety

Purposes of the strategy

  • To document the roles of the council's website estate and how we might best achieve those purposes
  • To agree key stakeholders
  • To state ownership and governance of the web estate
  • To plant a stake in the ground outlining our aspirations for the future

Purposes of the council website estate

  • To deliver channel shift savings by enabling citizens and others to interact with the council digitally instead of by telephone or in person
  • To promote the services the council offers (or commissions) to citizens and visitors
  • To promote civic engagement shifting people from being passive residents into active citizens, taking an interest in the council, its policies, and its workings to enable them to better inform us in our decision making and be better informed themselves at election time
  • To communicate key messages to target audiences
  • To promote the city / borough as a location for business and tourism

Stakeholders and audience

The stakeholders of the council web estate are:

  • Ordinary citizens of of the area,
  • Business operators in the area,
  • Potential and current investors in area,
  • Potential and current students in the area,
  • Potential residents of the area,
  • Visitors and potential visitors to the area,
  • Service area staff of the council,
  • Suppliers to the council,
  • The council Digital Services team(s),
  • Corporate Communications,
  • Council Directors, Assistant Directors, and Heads of Service,
  • Councillors.

These stakeholders each have a variety of different transactional, informational, and marketing needs from the site, some of which may on the [...]

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Wordpress security

simon gray 2016-03-07, 08:00:00

Seen on Twitter last night - a company selling insurance against one's Wordpress installation being hacked. If the Wordpress security landscape has got so bad that people need insurance to pay for recovery after a potential hack, I'd say it's time to stop using Wordpress. #internet #webdev


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Baby food

simon gray 2016-02-02, 19:46:32

That moment when you’re making the separate dinner for the deBaby because yours can’t be babified & think ‘i wouldn’t mind that for myself’.

(cabbage, red pepper. onion, cumin seed, and caraway seed, since you were wondering)



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simon gray 2016-01-28, 18:33:52

I’ve come home to a news story that apparently the Russians spied on Mao Tse-Tung’s poo. It’s a glorious life, the life of a spy.


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Celebrity scientists

simon gray 2016-01-16, 09:37:21

Here's a thing which occurs to me - do celebrity television astronomers (such as eg Maggie Aderin-Pocock) get a bit narked seeing celebrity television particle physicists such as Brian Cox fronting space programmes?


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Pierre Boulez RIP

simon gray 2016-01-06, 13:14:59

Composer Pierre Boulez has sadly died; his daughter Patti is said to be distraught. Inheritance of the royalties for the Planet of the Apes novel series is yet to be decided.


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