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The Event — One year ago today

simon gray 2021-03-13, 11:45:12
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#OneYearAgoToday was the day which from where I sit in the world Everything Changed.

Two weeks ago I think most people still thought of the approach of The Event as something which was still broadly a Somewhere Else's Problem - we'd all started washing our hands more often, fersure, and we were doing the elbow bumps (and feeling faintly ridiculous doing so) thing, one week ago folks were starting to be a bit more circumspect in their behaviour, and I think the Downing Street briefings had started, but by and large the UK was still continuing to function normally. It might have been yesterday or the day before when our team manager told us to start taking our laptops home with us at the end of every day at work, 'just in case'.

The News, though, whilst The Event had spent the last two months creeping up the running order, still had other stories on it as well.

Today, March 13, it all changed.

I'd taken the day off work, because it was March, and I always end up taking random days off work in March because I always end up with quite a few unused days of annual leave to take. I'd taken the day off basically to get some shizzle done at home on my own - I can't remember if it was tidying or if it was making music - but before I started to do whatever it was I was going to do I put News 24 on to have on in the background whilst I had whatever it was I used to have for breakfast on weekday days off back in those days. It'll still have been before 10:30am when the newsreader stopped whatever it was they were about to go to with the words 'and here's some breaking news for you', to announce something which had moved the situation beyond 'concerning' to 'potentially catastrophic'.

And that was pretty much how the rest of the day panned out, with interspersed amongst the rest of the news, when they got back to it, with the newsreader pretty much every half an hour or so for the rest of the day stopping to say 'and now we have some more breaking news for you' to introduce yet another update from somewhere in the world where the situation had escalated to potentially catastrophic; whatever it was I'd taken the day off for with the intention of getting done, I didn't move from the sofa all day lest I might miss something else important.

One Year Ago Today was the day shit got real; One Year Ago Today was, for me, the first day of The Event.

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