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simon gray 2016-01-02, 06:01:28
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Barely a month goes by without me seeing somebody get all riled up about the latest change to Facebook's or Twitter's design, functionality, privacy settings, advertising policy, or myriad other reasons for people to get all riled up.

At the same time, we as online communities have willingly given over our digital identities, our online presences, and the online discussion space from systems which were distributed and owned by nobody and everybody to a pair of private corporations, with single points of failure, accountable to nobody - not even in any real sense to their advertisers and investors - and immune to challenge or boycott.

The Perfect Curve is a response to this; it is here as an alternative to those who object to the way other social media and social networking sites operate corporately, and here as a place where people who just want to talk to other people using text and pictures can do so without other bloat getting in the way.

The aspiration for The Perfect Curve is for the code to be Open Sourced, for the site and its operating policies to be owned and governed by the community of users, for infrastructure of the site to be funded in a financially sustainable manner without resorting to external funders who will wrest control from the user community, and ultimately, for the site to work on a distributed database model to create resilience.

Sooner or later, first Twitter and then Facebook will disappear; if you think that's a fanciful notion, think how fanciful it might have seemed at the heights of their popularity that one day Friends Reunited, MySpace, Bebo, Friendster, Usenet, and Fidonet might disappear or at best fade into obscurity?

The Perfect Curve is not so arrogant as to believe it will inevitably replace the current ubiquitous monolithic sites. But somebody's got to try, right?

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The code behind this site is a bit of an abandoned project; I originally had lofty ambitions of it being the start of a competitor for Twitter and Facebook, allowing other people to also use it turning it into a bit of a social network. Needless to say I got so far with it and thought who did I think I was! Bits of it don't work as well as I'd like it to work - at some point I'm going to return to it and do a complete rebuild according to modern standards.