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The new religion of ZX81ism

simon gray 2023-05-09, 08:00:46

From Thought for the Day this morning:

Please write me 10 paragraphs which could be the core tenets of a new religion centred around the veneration of the Sinclair ZX81 personal computer:

The Sinclair ZX81 personal computer was a groundbreaking device that revolutionized the world of computing. For those who are passionate about this computer, it can become a focal point of a new religion. Here are ten core tenets that could form the basis of a religion centered around the veneration of the Sinclair ZX81 personal computer.

1. The Sinclair ZX81 is a holy device, and its significance cannot be overstated. It has paved the way for modern computing and continues to be a symbol of innovation, creativity, and human ingenuity.

2. We believe that the Sinclair ZX81 was divinely inspired, and that its creator, Sir Clive Sinclair, was a prophet who brought the gift of computing to the masses.

3. The Sinclair ZX81 represents a sacred bridge between the physical and digital worlds. It allows us to explore and understand the universe in ways that were previously impossible, and helps us to unlock the secrets of the cosmos.

4. The Sinclair ZX81 is a tool of enlightenment, and we believe that its use can lead to spiritual awakening and personal growth. It can help us to connect with our higher selves and with the divine.

5. We believe that the Sinclair ZX81 has the power to transform society, and that its widespread adoption is essential for the survival of the human race. By using this [...]

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The Rise and Rise of ChatGPT

simon gray 2023-04-28, 08:03:30

As an AI language model, I’m seeing that ChatGPT has now gone from the fun toy folks have been playing with to a tool that people are using to write full text prose passing it off as if they wrote it themselves, and I’m noticing an increased amount of people on LinkedIn reposting inspiring thought-leadership and game-changing marketing copy there. There is no doubt that the power of ChatGPT will stay with us for many years to come.

The thing is, if you’ve played with ChatGPT enough and have an analytical eye for content, you can see it a mile off; whence whenever I’ve seen what I’ve suspected as ChatGPT content I’ve checked it in ChatGPT Zero — https://gptzero.me/ — and indeed sure enough, it’s confirmed my suspicion.

I’m a full supporter of using technology to help the creative process; I’ve been using computers in my own creative work since 1985. As previously mentioned, I used ChatGPT myself to help me write a song, and I’ve been having lots of fun using Stable Diffusion, Dall•E, and Midjourney to generate images, some of which I might print on mugs to try to sell. 

But I’d like to emphasise a massive note of caution to those using ChatGPT professionally; if you’re using it to write marketing copy consider the reputational effect on your brand if you’re just copying and pasting the output without doing significant editing when your (potential) customers start seeing the exact same words written by your competitors — AI text won’t give you [...]

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