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Leadership elections

simon gray 2024-07-08, 07:09:29

Leadership elections for membership organisations — how’s this for a process:

All those who would be leader declare their candidacy and are nominated for the election by however many signatures from whatever constituency the organisation decides as an appropriate gatekeeping method.

The nominated candidates are then put forward to the membership to vote by ranked preferences, the voter marking as many preferences as they wish.

The counting of those ballot papers, however, is done twice — a count using the Alternative Vote method (which will tend towards the most preferred candidate) and a count using the Condorcet method (which will tend towards the least disliked candidate).

If both counts result in the same candidate at the top that’s grand, and that candidate is duly elected winner.

If the counts result in two different candidates at the top, then both candidates then go forward to a second round as a straight A/B choice. Possibly with a reöpen nominations option with an agreed threshold.

To my mind, this should ensure the winner really is the duly elected choice of the membership of the organisation with minimal room for folks to grumble, and whilst it might sound complicated, it’s not really any more complicated than a lot of organisations’ ways of running leadership elections.



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