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Political campaigning

simon gray - 2015-07-11, 11:17:50
Having a change.org petition calling for no confidence in a government less than two months after it was elected on a better-than-expected majority just makes us as the left look silly; there are surely better ways to campaign to make a point.And as an aside, its existence underpins everything I've been saying about what is wrong with change.org and the like - we've spent the last five years being anaesthetised into thinking we're changing the world one click at a time, forgetting the fact of it taking more than a click to change the world.

Replacement for FB, or for Twitter?

Barbara Forbes - 2015-07-09, 07:57:08
Is this meant to replace Facebook in its entirety, or Twitter? I have never used Twitter and don't quite understand the logistics of it.

What is the Perfect Curve?

Barbara Forbes - 2015-07-09, 07:48:36
I found out about this project through simon's response to a post I made on Facebook about being fed up with Facebook. I am still not sure how this works though, but I suppose I will learn!

London Underground strike

simon gray - 2015-07-09, 06:30:06
Even though it's going to inconvenience me somewhat, I'm fully supporting the London Underground drivers in their strike today - both their right to strike at all, and the grounds of their dispute. It's not a strike about money, it's a strike about defending the right of employees not to have their working conditions arbitrarily changed by management without meaningful consultation and negotiation.If you think you've got it bad in your workplace, rather than griping about other workers who are standing up for themselves, instead why not join a union yourself - and persuade your colleagues to join the same union - and stand up for your own rights? If you think unions are just self-serving organisations who protect only their own officers, that's even more reason to join one, and become a workplace officer yourself to change that.http://huffpost.com/uk/entry/7751262

Sunday trading

simon gray - 2015-07-07, 09:32:57
Ignoring the matter of who owns the respective businesses and how they operate, why should a shop which sells most of the things most people want to buy be restricted in its trading hours on a Sunday in order to protect the business interests of a shop which doesn't sell most of the things most people want to buy?

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