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Sunday trading

simon gray - 2015-07-07, 09:32:57
Ignoring the matter of who owns the respective businesses and how they operate, why should a shop which sells most of the things most people want to buy be restricted in its trading hours on a Sunday in order to protect the business interests of a shop which doesn't sell most of the things most people want to buy?

Hipster festivals

simon gray - 2015-07-04, 12:28:20
the birmingham hipster schism could come to a head today as people are forced to chose north and south of the nuclear train line between cocomad and the moseley festival. the question is, where will the loyalties of the kings heath folks lie?

Corporate / governance model

simon gray - 2015-07-03, 17:25:37
Part of the point of this site is that it won't be owned by private or public investors, or a private corporation, but will instead by owned by 'the community'. What UK legal entity will best support this - a registered charity, a community interest company, a trust, a foundation, or what?In group Perfect Curve business model

Freezer surprise

simon gray - 2015-07-03, 12:59:38
I have a semi-regular workplace lunch which I call Freezer Surprise. Today it appears to be some form of casserole.


simon gray - 2015-06-30, 21:25:01
It's all very well is the tennis at Wimbledon but it's a bit artificial - when can we see some real tennis rather than pretend tennis?

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